Why do CT scans? Expert opinion.

Why do CT scans? Expert opinion.

Smart Dental Group advises to start any treatment with correct and modern diagnostics. Computed tomography is an informative method for detecting dental diseases.

3D images make it possible to assess the state of the oral cavity and identify pathological areas.

Benefits of CT
Our modern computed tomographs have the following advantages:

  • the ability to obtain high quality images;
  • high processing speed;
  • high quality;
  • the ability to view the results on a computer monitor;

With the help of this study, you can plan the entire treatment process and minimize the risk of complications.
CT allows you to determine your anatomical
features of the location of nerves and blood vessels, the curvature of the roots of the teeth, the formation of the presence of problem areas.

How often can CT scan of teeth be done?

We recommend that this study be carried out no more than once every six months. There are exceptions when computed tomography is repeated earlier than a certain date. But this is done only according to indications and with the permission of a doctor.

CT results are always accurate and reliable.

They help develop the necessary treatment plan and help the person in the shortest possible time.

Why do CT scans? Expert opinion.

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Why do CT scans? Expert opinion.